Children With Hope


Children in Bolivia

Bolivia's children live a far different life than that enjoyed by others in the world.

In Bolivia:

  1. 2.5 million1 children experience the weight of poverty every day

  2. 800,000 work each day in the streets

  3. 32,000 live in orphanages

  4. 2,000 live in prison with a parent

The culture does not make room for the rights of children, who are often perceived as objects that belong to their parents. The privilege of being part of the family comes with the poorest of housing, a meager diet, no healthcare whatsoever and a day-to-day lifestyle often leading to stealing or begging in the streets. Education is hardly promoted and 50% never finish elementary school.  Those who live in prison with their mother or father combine this lifestyle with a criminal atmosphere that corrupts their minds even further.

But if their physical lives seem to be in jeopardy, then their spiritual lives are truly in shambles. The lack of personal religion in the home reinforces a cultural superstition of God as an impersonal being. Stealing, violence, alcohol, drugs, sex, and gangs are vices they must face everyday without the foundation of family morals, much less Christian principles.

This is why people all over the world are teaming up with Children With Hope. As a Christian organization, we are focused on leading children to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, so that He can overcome their social and spiritual obstacles. Our vision is to make basic changes in the lives of Bolivia's children, so that each day they can live a more abundant life. We invite you to learn more about our ministry and team up with us in this journey of change and hope.

1 Numbers are taken from UNICEF report.